Balboa workshop for Beginners and Improvers

Balboa is a partner dance originating from Southern California in the 1920s and ’30s, danced to the Swing and Jazz music popular at the time. A wonderfully fluid and sophisticated dance that allows elegance and style of those who dance it and has the ability to turn two dancers into one.   Being compact and efficient Balboa can be danced at a furiously fast pace and is an excellent tool to have in your dancing repertoire when the tempo goes high, but don’t worry we’ll be starting off at a more gentle pace in this workshop.

This workshop is aimed at complete beginners to Balboa, anyone who’s dipped their toe in before but wants to get back or simply wants to improve their technique.  No previous experience needed. The workshop will cover the basic footwork and a range of fundamental moves.

The teachers are Becky and Will, they’ll be going through each move, tuning and tweaking and by the end of the day you’ll be able to shuffle all night on the dance floor.

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Sat 10 February 2018: 

Times: Please arrive for a 10:00am start. We expect to finish around 4.00pm, but there will be stops for lunch and a few breaks!

Venue: St. Philip’s Church Centre, 185 Mill Rd, Cambridge. CB1 3AN.
There is no parking on site but on street parking is free in the vicinity of the venue, but do check local signage.


Prices per person (Cambridge Lindy Hoppers club members prices in brackets):
One day: £20 (£15)


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Q: What should I wear?
A: Just wear some comfortable clothing, open toed shoes, sandals or really grippy rubber soles are not advised but you don’t need special dance shoes.
Q:Do I need to bring a partner?
A:No, we change partners during the class so we dance with everyone.  Please be aware that we may have to restrict bookings if we have an imbalance of leads and follows in the class.
Q:I’m too old for this
A: Balboa is a compact and efficient dance that you’ll be dancing well into your 90s!
Q: I’m scared!
A: We’ll be starting with the basics and recapping regularly so you’ll be picking it up in no time. Best advice it to just give it a go! Find out what you’re missing.