What is Balboa?

What we call Balboa today is a mix of a few different styles of dancing from Southern California, including dancing in close hold with a full body connection and breaking away in to more open movements. It’s hard to give an accurate definition because the original dancers that the modern scene takes inspiration from were so varied in their styes.

The classes we run try to embrace this variety by giving you some tools to dance to swing music with a partner, and encouraging you to enjoy dancing to the music and find your own style.
This blog post about the history of dancing in Southern California is great if you want to find out more: Swing History 101


Not danced much Balboa before?

… Great! We’d love to introduce you – we can get you dancing the basics in your first class and enjoying some great Swing music! Classes are friendly and informal and you don’t need to bring a partner.
Already know some Balboa?Awesome, come and be a part of our scene, learn something new, and enjoy some social dancing after class.

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And finally…Here’s a video of a demo from 2017! h