What is Blues Dancing?

Blues is a modern name given to a family of dances, danced to blues, jazz, and related music. Blues dance, as a style, grew naturally along with the music. It combines elements of both African dance and European partnered dancing and is often danced with a simple one- or two-step basic, meaning there is less reliance on patterns, and more emphasis on creativity, style, and partnership. The simplicity of blues dance makes it easy to pick up, and allows for rich variations within your dance.


Not danced much Blues before?

… Great! We’d love to introduce you! Not only will you have an awesome time trying out this wonderfully delightful and varied dance, but it will also help improve your swing dancing and/or other partnered dancing by giving you the tools to RELAX, improve your partnered CONNECTION and help to UNLEASH YOUR CREATIVITY on the dance floor.


Already know some blues?

Awesome, come and learn some new moves or tune your technique. Either way, no need to bring a partner: you can dance with everyone.
So what are you waiting for come along and give it a go!

Monday night is Blues night in Cambridge – see the classes page.

Here are a few examples which we’ve put together for your viewing (including a nice blues dance intro from the Paris blues scene, followed by a few favourites): https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLt6rUNmOVFefHWt5CvuhxMSWkHRz2E9Bl